About Insane Filmz

If you’ve read our Meet our CEO section, you know that Dustin Lebleu has a passion for horror movies and we have themed our brand and culture around it. In 2015 Dustin took this passion and started Insane Filmz® to produce horror movies and invested in a movie funding website called  Below are a few of the movies Dustin and Insane Filmz® have released as well as upcoming releases we’re excited about!


The Lucifer Effect - Based on Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment, The Lucifer Effect locks 8 actors in an abandoned asylum who are unknowingly being monitored to see if “good” people turn “bad” when trapped in an evil environment. Filmed on location at the Rauceby Asylum in the UK, horrifying events started happening and footage was pulled to run a test screen. During screening, things started happening with the audience which alerted authorities who then shut down production and confiscated the footage. Once the contestants were released media reports soon started associating a curse with the film.

*To date, authorities have refused to turn the footage back over, so we don’t know when a release date will be announced. Follow Insane Labz on social media for any new developments.


First off, there’s something we need to be upfront about… yes, we know this movie sucks. But despite the fact
Insane is more funny than scary and reminds you of low budget porn, this movie has won multiple awards and continues to be one of our most successful movies to date. So, what happens when the house you buy has a history of strange events and is haunted by a clown? You’ll have to watch and find out! Insane is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play Movies & TV so check it out and have a laugh on us! 

The Night Shift
So... there’s not much to say here, other than this sucked too. You’ve got a security guard that wears his gun on the wrong side and is hired to watch an empty mansion. What he doesn’t know (besides which side to wear his gun on) is that the house isn’t empty. Dustin was the executive producer as well as worked on editing, but this was the first film that made Dustin say, “I’ll do it myself”. 

The Canadoo 
Much like Dustin’s story about starting LeCheek Nutrition, after
Insane and then The Night Shift, his “don’t tell me I can’t” attitude kicked in giving rise to The Cannado. He wrote, produced, and acted while the Insane Filmz® crew handled editing, sound, and marketing. The Canadoo is based on young contestants dropped in the woods in hopes of winning a $50,000.00 grand prize. Little did they know they weren’t alone. So, what happens when Naked and Afraid meets Jeepers Creepers? The Canadoo is available on Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play Movies & TV as well.

1st Summoning
The chilling trailer for the new found-footage horror film 1st Summoning has dropped a few weeks ahead of its February 22nd release.

Hayley Lovitt, most recognized as Sage, the computer-brained mutant from Fox/Marvel's The Gifted, leads the cast as film school student in Arkansas embarking on a road trip to create a documentary about a reportedly cursed warehouse that has been untouched since the 1970’s. The crew shot on location in the real abandoned facility and interviewed real residents of the town about the folklore surrounding it.
The film also stars Jason MacDonald (The Vampire DiariesMagic City), Brook Todd (Fox’s Star), and Teddy Cole (ConstantineVice Principals).
“It was both fun and challenging playing a character who is the emotional heartbeat of the film, but half of the time, she’s not even on the screen,” Lovitt said in reference to the fact that her character is ‘holding the camera’ at many points throughout the film, meaning she often found herself delivering lines and interacting with other characters from just off screen. “My character deals with a lot of vulnerability and fear, and it’s cool that through that, I essentially become the eyes and ears of the audience. They’re standing in my shoes.”
1st Summoning is available now for order on iTunes and Amazon.