About Insane Labz

If you haven’t noticed, Insane Labz® doesn’t make your normal supplements, and we’re damn sure not your normal brand. So hopefully you don’t think our About Us section is going to be your normal boring corporate BS page. We’re going to tell you a story about how a brand that was almost laughed out of the industry has become one of the most recognizable brands worldwide. So sit back, grab a scoop of Demon Dust™, and try to keep up.

When Insane Labz® launched, we had a vision to be like nothing else on the market. With our CEO’s love of horror movies and plan to start a horror movie production company, the Insane Labz® brand would be horror themed. So now the branding was decided, but what about the product? The Mad Chemist went to work in his lab with clear instructions (if you don’t give him clear instructions who knows what you’ll get) to focus on 2 areas… flavoring and effective products without using questionable ingredients. For weeks cuss words and banging could be heard coming from his lab, but everyone at the Asylum knew better than to go in considering what happened to the last guy...R.I.P Travis. Eventually the lab door opened, and the Mad Chemist threw out his creation… our flagship pre-workout Psychotic®. As we passed around the container, it was time for our resident guinea pig (come on, everyone has one) to try it out. Trying to act all tough, he quickly dry scooped a full serving telling us the taste was better than anything he had ever tried before. But then, something strange happened… he let out a mad scream and started acting crazy. Not sure what was going on but still taking the opportunity to make fun of him, we began yelling for the Mad Chemist to find out what could possibly be wrong. Eventually he came out of his lab and without saying a word handed us a sticky note that read “Warning: Begin With ½ Scoop” ... thanks Mad Chemist. Since our resident guinea pig had tried many pre-workouts before, he knew the effects couldn’t last long so went on about his day. Hours later, our resident guinea pig came busting back in yelling for us to stop production because something wasn’t right! He said unlike anything he had tried before, Psychotic® took hours to wear off and he didn’t have his normal headache. Again we summoned the Mad Chemist and asked him what could possibly be causing the effects to last so long...but we was only met with laughter. What the Mad Chemist had failed to tell us was that Psychotic® had a new ingredient he had created...AMPiberry® and it was working exactly as planned.

Excited about our new pre-workout, we ordered the Mad Chemist back to his lab to start creating more products under the Insane Labz® brand, and positioned our guinea pig outside the lab door to test the new products as they were thrown out. Too bad he couldn’t catch very well, but that’s a whole different story. We immediately went to work marketing Insane Labz® and contacting customers because who wouldn’t want to carry this awesome new brand? Well as it turned there were a lot… people didn’t like the non-traditional look and didn’t care how good the pre-workout was. They were afraid they would lose business having such horrible images and product names displayed on their shelves. Because after all, doesn’t everyone buy supplements based on look and not how they work? Yes...we’re being sarcastic. Over the next few months articles and videos were made bashing us, store owners would refuse to carry us because of our images, and we would be called everything from jokes to devil worshipers. Things got tough here at the Asylum because how could anyone take something as innocent as horror themed branding and turn it into us being devil worshipers? Don’t tell him we told you, but the Mad Chemist even came out of his lab with tears in his eyes trying to give us hugs. Yes, it was as awkward as it sounds. After several therapy sessions with him, our CEO said enough was enough and we would not let narrow minded people bully us.

Even though we still encounter the occasional narrow-minded person, today Insane Labz® is sold globally and we have a constant battle with knockoffs and companies copying our branding and names. Speaking of knockoffs and copying, yes we know who you are and rest assured... we’re coming for you. We have an unprecedented social media following for our industry, and thousands of Ambassadors representing our brand.  But Insane Labz® isn’t just sports supplements and the Mad Chemist (shhh...don’t tell him that), we’re a culture. We have clothing, music, movies, eSports partnerships, and so much more. And the best thing is, you haven’t seen anything yet.

If you buy our supplements, wear our clothing, listen to our artists, watch our movies, or you just love gore and horror and think we’re badass, we say thank you. Thank you for joining the Asylum in saying screw what other people think, thank you for standing up to bullies, and thank you for just being yourself. Unless you’re the ones sending us di*k pics, then screw you.  #jointheasylum

Be sure to check out our social media links on our main page to keep up with what’s going on here at the Asylum, you never know where the Mad Chemist will pop up.