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Crazy about our brand?  So are we!  Rep it at the gym, office or when you travel with these limited edition apparel and accessories, available only at & build muscle with the BEST tasting protein in the industry - Insane Whey!  Sorry, no discounts apply on the Asylum Limited/Protein product lines and these products are not eligible for FedEx Guaranteed Shipping.

  • Insane Whey Strawberries and Cream Render Insane Whey Amino Acid Profile

    Insane Whey Protein by Insane Labz® (60 svgs)

    Insane Whey is NOT eligible for FedEx Guaranteed Shipping* Insane Whey by Insane Labz® Having tasted all the great flavors that the Mad Chemist creates for pre-workout powders, BCAAs and even multi-vitamins - The Asylum faithful have long asked for...

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  • Buy Quantum Protein Get Quantum Protein Free

    Buy Quantum Protein Get Quantum Protein Free

    Here at Insane Labz we don’t just make a protein powder, we revolutionize the protein market. Quantum Protein Project® is a 80% Isolate PEA Protein surrounded by ingredients scientifically proven to be effective in epigenetic makeup...

  • Insane Labz Oakley Camo Backpack

    Insane Labz Oakley Street Pocket Backpack - Camo When you're headed to the gym, the office or anywhere else with gear to protect - do it with the new Insane Labz Oakley Street Pocket Backpack.  With the insane Labz Danger logo and the Oakley brand...

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