How Our Business is Learning to Serve YOU Better

How Our Business is Learning to Serve YOU Better

Posted by Insane Labz on Oct 24th 2018

When thinking about scalability, which is an organization's preparedness and ability to grow - the conversation is, inevitably, focused on the impact to the business. Improvements realized may include greater efficiency, improved logistics, higher revenue and more. 

However, many of the most impressive (but least talked about) benefits of improving scalability are customer facing.  For example, having a more focused catalog allows our online customers a better shopping experience - and our B2B customers a better merchandising opportunity for their stores. Improved logistics means that fewer items are out of stock - even as customer demand increases.  Higher revenue allows us to invest in improved systems and more rapidly develop new products and services to meet customer demand. 

In order to realize these benefits, Insane Labz® applied to the VaynerMentors program.  After being accepted and going through the first phase of the program, we dove headfirst into turning ideas and thoughts and strategies into action - with tangible benefits to our team and, more importantly, to our customers. 

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