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    Buy Insane Get One Free

    Buy Insane Get One Free

    Insane® Limited Time BOGO (Buy one, Get one) Dietary supplements used to be all about the fitness models and gym rats...but we see you gamers, writers, college students and late-night movie watchers.  Insane® is here to...

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  • Buy Pennywise Get Pennywise Free

    Buy Pennywise Get Pennywise Free

    Pennywise™ is a step above other pre-workout supplements as it delivers a powerful formula that is meant to amplify energy of mind and body. This carbohydrate-focused pre-workout will ensure that you avoid the crash that comes from running out of...

  • Buy The Surgeon Get The Surgeon Free

    Buy The Surgeon Get The Surgeon Free

    Insane Labz® The Surgeon Cut your recovery time and come back from the dead. How many times have you said to yourself after a workout, "That was great...but my [insert worked muscles here] are DEAD!"? Sure, it's the good kind of pain - but you just...

  • Buy Any Basic Ingredient Get One Free

    Insane Creatine - Everyone knows creatine leads to greater gains in size and strength in the weight room. Creatine is used by your body to produce ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is used by every cell your body as energy. When you work out and your...

  • Buy #BURN Get #BURN Free

    Buy #BURN Get #BURN Free

    Try Our Complete # (Hashtag) Line Of Fully Disclosed Dietary Supplements The Asylum faithful asked and Insane Labz® delivered. The # (pronounced "hashtag") series has fully disclosed ingredient panels - so you know the exact dose of...