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  • I Am God Sample (3 Pack)

    I Am God Sample (3 Pack)

    Achieve Divine Results with I AM GOD™ More often than not, your modern-day pre-workout supplement is nothing more than some caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee. The only difference is that it tastes worse than the coffee. Whether you want size,...

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  • Redrum Sample (3 Pack)

    Redrum Sample (3 Pack)

    REDRUM™ is a highly effective pre-workout based on science and stimulants. REDRUM™ ticks off all of the necessary checks on what makes a perfect pre-workout. It doesn’t just load you up with caffeine; it powers your body and mind with...

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  • Pennywise Sample Packet (3 Pack)

    Pennywise Sample Packet (3 Pack)

    Pennywise™ is a step above other pre-workout supplements as it delivers a powerful formula that is meant to amplify energy of mind and body. This carbohydrate-focused pre-workout will ensure that you avoid the crash that comes from running out of...

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  • Sin Sample Pack (30 Pack)

    Sin Sample Pack (30 Pack)

    Sin Preworkout - 30 Sample Pack Bundle There are seven deadly sins - but this one is guaranteed to give your workout new life!  With a clinical dose of creatine to increase strength and build muscle, a near clinical dose of beta alanine for...

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  • Insane Labz Logo Beanie

    Insane Labz® Logo Beanie Black / Knit / 100% Turbo Acrylic Beanie Whatever you're doing outside - do it in stylish comfort in our 100% Turbo Acrylic Insane Labz® Logo Beanie, featuring the scrawled Insane Labz® logo prominently up front...

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  • Alien Recovery Sample Packet (3 Pack)

    Alien Recovery Sample Packet (3 Pack)

    Alien Recovery® Samples (3-pack) Recovery never tasted so good. Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are widely accepted to be one of the most important and effective supplements for recovering from your workouts. Push yourself a little bit harder at...

  • Insane Labz® Limited Edition Tactical Knife

    Carbine Tactical Knife

    Insane Labz® Limited Edition Carbine Tactical Knife Featuring a laser etched Insane Labz® logo on the 3.5" black stainless steel blade, this ~8" tactical knife has a lockback mechanism and an eye-catching handle with a textured, zig-zag design...

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  • Insane Labz® "6ix" the Clown Face Shield Front Insane Labz® "6ix" the Clown Face Shield Back

    Face Shield - 6ix the Clown

    Face Shield - "6ix" the Clown This polyester face shield, featuring our "6ix" the Clown mascot can also be used as a bandana, beanie, headband, wristband and more. 

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  • #Pre Samples (3 pack)

    #Pre Samples (3 pack)

    Try Our Complete # (Hashtag) Line Of Fully Disclosed Dietary Supplements The Asylum faithful asked and Insane Labz® delivered. The # (pronounced "hashtag") series has fully disclosed ingredient panels - so you know the exact dose of...

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  • Insane Labz® Drawstring Gym Bag

    Drawstring Bag

    Insane Labz® Drawstring Gym Bag Enjoy grab and go convenience with this drawstring cinch sack, from Insane Labz®. Weather resistant exterior, reinforced at the corners, with the stacked Insane Labz® logo featured up front. ...

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  • Insane Labz® Nylon Wallet Outside Insane Labz® Nylon Wallet Inside

    Black Insane Labz® Velcro Wallet

    Quality Nylon Fabric Insane Labz® Wallet with Velcro Closure Made from 420 denier nylon, this wallet has durable construction and comes with a currency slot, three pockets, a coin pocket with Velcro and removable plastic card sleeves. At 4 3/4" x 3...

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