Here’s a list of the most common questions we get here at the Asylum. Obviously we can’t cover them all, so if you have any questions not covered here please reach out to our Mad Chemist!

Can I take more than the serving size listed on the bottle?

Insane Labz® products are very strong and we never advise taking more than the serving indicated in our Directions For Use on each bottle. In fact, we suggest you start with half directed serving to test your tolerance level.


Will this product show up on a drug test?

All ingredients used in Insane Labz® supplements are compliant with FDA guidelines and manufactured in our GMP Certified facility. If your concerned about testing, we strongly recommend you research your organization's or event’s guidelines and compare to our labels. If your still unsure contact your healthcare professional.


I have certain health issues and I am not sure if I should take a certain product. Who should I contact?

YOUR DOCTOR! Not even the Mad Chemist is qualified to answer questions about your individual health. The information provided by Insane Labz® and insanelabz.com are for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for advice from your physician or other healthcare professional.


I have questions about what products I can stack. Who should I contact?

We want you to get the best results possible while using Insane Labz® products. If your not sure about stacking a certain product feel free to chat with The Mad Chemist online! Just be aware, we call him mad for a reason!


I love your brand, could I become a Sponsored Athlete or how do I become an Insane Labz® Ambassador?

Insane Labz® currently does not sponsor athletes. To be considered for our Ambassador program please fill out our Ambassador Application.


I’m an Ambassador and my code isn’t working?

Current Ambassadors should contact our Affiliate Team which any questions. The Affiliate Team is only available to active Ambassadors and will not reply to other questions.  


My card shows it was charged, but I haven’t received an order number?

If a card is declined, it will still show to be charged on your end however the order will not be processed therefore an order number will not be given. In most cases card issuers place thedeclined transaction into a “pending stage” which may look the same on your account. Declined cards can be the result of lack of funds, incorrect information, or the institute who issued this card. If you haven’t received an order number we recommend contacting your card issuer before attempting to place the order again.


How long does my order take once it’s shipped?

When you place an order on insanelabz.com you will be provided a tracking number. If for some reason you don’t receive tracking information, most orders will arrive within 3-5 days unless a faster shipping option is selected. Once a product is shipped, insanelabz.com has no control over the time it takes to reach you.


I’m bored and think I’m going to send dirty pics to Insane Labz®. Is this a good idea?

Okay, you got us... this isn’t a question we get a lot but it has to be said.Here at The Asylum we like to have fun, especially when it comes to messing with The Mad Chemist. But if you send us inappropriate pics you will be banned from using www.insanelabz.com or any of our other services!