Meet our CEO

“You’re never going to be anything unless you pick up a shovel.” Those are the words our Founder and CEO Dustin Lebleu heard from his step-dad when he was only 17, and today those words hang in his office alongside the words of his real dad - “I don’t like you, but I have to talk to you”. To say he had a rough childhood would be an understatement, but those quotes didn’t stop Dustin from creating what is today one of the most recognized brands in the supplement industry. In fact, with Dustin’s “don’t tell me I can’t” attitude they just fueled his fire.

After graduating high school with average grades at best, Dustin started working for a telemarketing company and quickly became the top producer. After learning how much they were paying for leads, Dustin would work after hours generating his own leads which quickly became a high revenue side business. When Dustin’s boss which he had developed a friendship with was let go from the telemarketing company, 18 yr. old Dustin was offered the top level 6-digit salary position. Knowing the value of loyalty and friendship, he declined the offer and that’s when his entrepreneurial journey started. Over the next 9 years Dustin started over 40 businesses including mall kiosks, snow cone carts, tanning salons, and a gym. Instead of pocketing profits, Dustin used that money to invest in new business ventures including what may have been one of his most unsuccessful but life changing businesses to date. 

In 2010 at the age of 27 Dustin opened the Vitamin Store with little knowledge about ingredients or how supplements were formulated. On frequent slow days Dustin would study ingredients and before long he could be found in the back of the store mixing different raw ingredients and learning how to flavor. Although he didn’t know it at the time, the back of that failing store was about to change his life. After Dustin had 3 products he was confident in, he went against everyone’s advice and hired a manufacturer to make them under the LeCheek Nutrition, Inc. name. Realizing he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands of his new supplement company along with his other businesses, Dustin reached out to a friend and asked him to leave his stable job with the only promise that he should just trust him. Soon they were able to secure a new distributor and hit the road over 300 days a year pushing the samples they would make by hand. But just when things were starting to take off, a new problem presented itself. After firing the first manufacturing company Dustin had hired, the second manufacturing company wasn’t getting his product out, so he did what any entrepreneur would do… invest all his money into something he knew nothing about and go into the manufacturing business.

At the age of 32, Dustin purchased a 7,500 sq. ft “barn” and converted it into a GMP Certified facility and once again began learning something with no outside help and connections. Dustin began reaching out to contacts he met while traveling pushing his own brand and started manufacturing for other brands as well. Before long, Dustin had a full-blown manufacturing business called Innovative Formulations and expanded to a 60,000 sq. ft building to keep up with demand. For most entrepreneurs Dustin’s age this would be enough. He has his own brand, his own GMP Certified manufacturing facility, and countless other businesses doing very well. But for Dustin, this was only the beginning.

After Innovative Formulations was up and going Dustin turned his focus back to his own brand development. With a love for horror movies, and almost as a joke, Dustin decided he was going to develop a horror themed brand that would be like nothing else on the market. Not only would the look be different, but he would also change the industry by selling direct to brick and mortar customers allowing them to maximize their profits. In 2015, Dustin launched Insane Labz® and its first pre-workout Psychotic­® and then Insane Veinz™ to create a powerful stack. Soon after, Dustin decided to take his love for horror movies one step further and launched his own movie production company called Insane Filmz™ which is what most the products under Insane Labz® are themed after. To look back at Insane Labz® over the last 3 years one could almost call it an overnight success, but that was hardly the case. The supplement world wasn’t ready for the non-traditional look, and Dustin was almost laughed out of the industry. Store’s would refuse to bring the brand in, and sometimes even went as far as calling Dustin and the company devil worshippers. But as we’ve mentioned, that didn’t stop Dustin and his “don’t tell me I can’t” attitude, so he didn’t give up. You can read more about the struggles Insane Labz™ faced by clicking the “About Insane Labz” tab.

Today, Dustin LeBleu is a hands-on CEO and has developed over 30 brands under the LeCheek Nutrition, Inc. umbrella. He’s CEO of Insane Music™, Insane Clothing™, Insane Filmz™, and numerous other businesses in the movie and fitness industry. Dustin can usually be found with his son and/or daughter right on his heels here at the Asylum, and occasionally his wife Katie will pop in when she’s not busy running their fitness center, tanning salon, or nonprofit organization for families in need. Dustin has also made the decision to no longer keep his diagnosis of Schizophrenia a private matter and hopes can inspire someone else to not let mental health hold them back. You can learn more about Schizophrenia and other mental health illnesses from the National Institute of Mental Health at

Oh, one more thing before you go... remember Innovative Formulations that started in the 7,500 sq. ft barn? Today it’s positioned inside our 500,000 sq. ft campus sitting on 36 acres and is the largest GMP Certified manufacturing facilities in North America.

“Be a real man, take care of your kids… we’re out” - Dustin LeBleu

To learn more about Dustin or if you’re interested in what it takes to become an entrepreneur yourself, you can follow his podcast Dustin LeBleu CEO, or follow Insane Labz® on YouTube